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The Tidal Bore

What is the Tidal Bore?

The Tidal Bore is a sudden rise in the water in a river or estuary. This elevation is caused by the wave of the rising tide during high tides. The most spectacular tidal bores occur at the mouths of the Qiantang (China), the Severn (England) and the Amazon (Brazil). Physically, the tidal bore corresponds to the propagation of a projection along the course of a river or a canal.

When to observe it on the Dordogne?

The tidal bore is visible all year round, as soon as the tidal coefficients exceed 85. The wave is generally the most spectacular during the high tides of August and September. At this time, the river's water level is usually the lowest. The lower the flow of the river, the larger the wave.

The little anecdote

You can observe the tidal bore from home. Indeed, this same fixed circular hydraulic jump can be observed in the sink when the faucet is running. This jump ends up breaking down into several waves because the waves move faster when they are long.