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Treatments and cures

Fabienne and the ONDE institute invite you to enter into energy and heal your body naturally, through personalized Ayurvedic treatments and cures, as well as targeted energy treatments. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and rest during your stopover in our detox guest rooms near Saint-¬Emilion. Discover all the treatments and cures offered at the Château de la Vieille Chapelle.

You will need to make an appointment by phone with Fabienne on 06 17 98 19 56.

Ericksonnian hypnosis

The Unconscious is your ally. Ask the best of your unconscious. Stemming from the practices of Milton Erickson, Ericksonnian hypnosis is an extremely powerful tool that allows you to manage stress, pain, trauma ... Dare to change for more choices in your life.

Ayurvedic treatments: the consultation

The consultation allows the identification of the Ayurvedic constitution for a general rebalancing based on nutrition and Ayurvedic care and the development of a personalized food diet with menus and recipes for 15 days.

Ayurvedic treatments: Abhyangam

It is a traditional Ayurvedic hot oil massage. Ayurvedic massage is an explosive treatment, it helps the body to expel accumulated toxins (ama). It is a rhythmic and tonic massage performed with high quality certified organic oils and chosen according to the Ayurvedic constitution of the person. It brings great physical and mental comfort.

Ayurvedic treatments: Nasyam

This is a massage of the cranium and the upper back, then a facial massage on the ENT area and sinus care with oil and plants. Nasyam is a treatment that favors the circulation of energy in the ENT area. It is used in the case of repetitive sinusitis. It intensifies the breathing and it clarifies the vision. It can be performed without massaging the cranium (in the case of cures) and in this case the price of the treatment is 40 euros. It is strongly recommended as a cure.

Ayurvedic treatments: body scrub

The exfoliation is carried out with a powder of Ayurvedic plants after a light massage of the body with hot oil. Crushed plants are effective in deep cleansing the skin and promoting elimination as part of a slimming process.

Ayurvedic treatments: pinda svedana

This is the spot treatment for pain with herbal pouches and hot oil. Apply hot oil then apply the hot oil herbal pouch to the painful parts. Extremely effective treatment.

Energy treatments: access bars

Bars are a tool to facilitate a different way of doing business. These are 32 points on the head where all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, considerations, emotions and attitudes considered important are stored. Receiving a bar session is like pressing the reset key on the computer. Bars are the hard drive of the computer. They can be used to facilitate change in all areas of life. When one is ready to function from more consciousness, one begins to open the doors to all healing.

Energy treatments: Energy facial lifting

The Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift is an amazing process that can reverse the onset of aging on the face and can create similar effects throughout the body. If practiced repeatedly (at least 20 times) it appears to be permanent. During this treatment, energies are used in a gentle, comforting and soothing way for your face and neck.

Energy healing: bodily processes

All of the Access Consciousness bodily processes (around 50) are a means of perceiving the feeling of space of which the body is aware and has always been aware. They increase the awareness of each molecule. During a session of body processes, the hands of the practitioner are placed in certain places of the body in order to activate the energies necessary for healing. Healing is always an opening to more awareness. Pain is often resistance to what the body is trying to say. It is an awareness that one is not always prepared to have.