Winery and growing of the wines

The winery is equiped with concrete vats to hold 900hl - perfectly well-kept - without any coating thereby allowing a natural ageing and preservation of the wines. Several wine storevats complete these concrete vats. The winery is north facing and thus allows good temperature regulation.

In 2006 we invested in two essentials tools regarding the quality of the juices and respect of harvest and wines : a cold generator and perictaltic pump.
The wines
Analytic control of both grapes and wines is ensured by an oenological group. 
The harvest is divided into 4 areas :
  • The Semillon grapes of "La Chapelle"
  • The old Merlots of Mr. Baudet (producing "Les Merlots de Baudet"). 
  • The old vines (Bouchalès, Merlots, Petit Verdot that survived to the Phylloxéra)
  • The Cabernet Francs of "La Chapelle"
Blends are decided in the vineyard. Meaning that we harvest plot per plot according to objectives. Blend maceration, fermentation and ageing.  
The picking is done 100% by hand. 
More specifically for the white wines :
  • Removing of sources of botytris the day before harvesting. 
  • Thermoregulation after harvest ( between 15 and 18°C) for several days and before the fermentation starts
  • Vinification in new oak barrels every year. 
  • Daily care of density and temperature during fermentation
Red wines :
  • Manual sorting of the harvest
  • Thermoregulation when needed.
  • Pre-fermenting maceration from 2 to 4 days in the vats
  • Ageing  in French oak barrels depending on the vintage ( 6 to 8 months).
  • Manual 'pigeage" of for the respect of the wines. 
  • Using only the peristaltic pump.
  • NO artificial micro-oxygenation. 
  • Native yeast fermentation (no additional exogenous yeast)
  • Low level of sulfites
Rosés : 
The rosés wines are vinified like the whites.