We are organic !




Fabienne and Frédéric Mallier chose for several years to guide their work towards the development of sustainable and organic viticulture. The estate's wines are certified organic since 2013. Of course, this process applies to all times and places of life at the Old Chapel.

In 2016 we are looking at Demeter Certification (Bio-dynamie)




Fabienne and Frédéric chose a Kangoo ECO2 and prefer eco-driving 


The vineyards and winery:

- The estate's wines are certified organic since 2013 (conversion started in 2009 by stopping pesticides, and the following year by stopping herbicides).

- We choose as soon as possible lightweight glass bottles to reduce the carbon footprint during transportation.

- We use cork, a natural raw material, instead of metal or plastic for stoppers.

- We recommend direct sales at the estate.



- Green spaces around the cottages are mechanically worked, no use of herbicides or pesticides.

- Plants are enriched with compost if needed.

- Exterior lights are equipped with motion sensors and timers to reduce energy waste.

- Vines cover somes of the walls to keep freshness.

- Alleys and courtyard are covered with gravel instead of tar to limit runoff and soil erosion.

- Areas are left more "wild" in the garden to promote animal diversity.


B & Bs:

- Natural or raw materials are used in the rooms like natural polished stone and wood.

- Curtains, sheets & duvet covers are linen.

- No television helps our guests to "disconnect" from daily life - however free wi-fi is available.

- Natural liquid soap is available in rechargeable containers.

- Cleaning products (laundry, cleaning the floor etc.) are organic.

- Fabienne prepares breakfast and dinners with fresh and seasonal products, often organic and overwhelmingly from local supply. Jams are homemade, as well as yogurt ans sometime breads. 

- Wastes are of course sorted. 


... We are keen for always doing more for the planet ! Do not hesitate to give us your suggestions and experiences!